Courier Management Software In Malaysia: How Does It Benefit Businesses


Courier Management Software In Malaysia: How Does It Benefit Businesses

Driven by the growth in the eCommerce industry, intensifying international trade activities, and increasing competition, Malaysia’s courier, express, and parcel sector is expected to register a CAGR of 9% by 2027. Considering the growth and changing delivery trends, courier service providers are increasingly investing in courier management software in Malaysia. The software streamlines major courier-related processes to minimize the cost of moving goods and its carbon footprint. It also helps maintain transparency among stakeholders and boosts customer experience. Let’s delve deeper into the other benefits of courier management software in Malaysia. 

Courier Management Software in Malaysia: Key Growth Drivers

Growth in Local Courier Services

One of the biggest driving forces behind the growth of the Malaysian courier, express, and parcel industry and the rising demand for courier management software in Malaysia is the growth of domestic courier services. To meet the increasing parcel volume and support the expansion of regional businesses, Malaysian CEP companies are investing in advanced courier management solutions.

Growth of eCommerce

Driven by the growth of wholesale and retail commerce, Malaysia’s eCommerce sector is growing exponentially. Besides, the National Ecommerce Strategic Roadmap is also contributing to the growth of this industry to make it reach RM 1.65 trillion by 2025. To match this pace, most courier companies are ditching their traditional logistics management practices and implementing logistics automation.

Competitive Landscape

The Malaysian CEP sector is fragmented and has both domestic and international players. The ultra-competitive landscape demands courier service providers to improve their logistics management strategies to offer delivery speed and convenience. To stay ahead of the competition and meet ever-evolving consumer demands, the demand for courier management software solutions in Malaysia is increasing. 

How can businesses benefit from courier management software in Malaysia?

Effortless Logistics Management

Intelligent courier management solutions automate the majority of the first mile, middle mile, and last mile operations to speed up the movement of goods and reduce costs. From allocation of pick-ups to hubs and drivers, scan-based pickup completion, bag creation, sorting of shipments, route planning, order tracking, and proof of delivery collection to returns management, the software automates all the processes and minimizes manual intervention. It also facilitates multi-channel communication to improve transparency throughout the process.

Real-Time Visibility

Courier management solutions enable businesses and their stakeholders to have complete control over the movement of goods from the source to the destination. They can have 360-degree visibility along with real-time alerts via SMS/Email/WhatsApp. Along with better customer engagement, the feature benefits businesses by arresting fake delivery attempts and monitoring drivers to take misroutes. Real-time visibility and tracking increases delivery success rate by 8% and reduces fake delivery attempts by 23%. 

Intelligent Route Planning and Optimization

Advanced courier management platforms in Malaysia offer intelligent route planning and optimization along with dynamic route planning and multi-stop route planning. It considers various constraints to generate optimal delivery routes to avoid delivery delays, reduce delivery costs and time, and improve customer experience. The software updates stakeholders with the dynamic ETAs. Another amazing functionality the software offers is geocoding, which converts text addresses into exact longitude and latitude to make them easy to locate. Smart route planning and optimization improves deliveries-per-day-per-driver by 22% and reduces miles traveled by 7% with improved routing based on accurate customer-provided locations.

courier management software in Malaysia

Secure and Flexible COD reconciliation

Managing COD orders and cash reconciliation can be a daunting task with conventional courier management practices. Poor COD management also minimizes transactional transparency, increases the chances of frauds and impacts the customer experience. Advanced courier management solutions in Malaysia facilitate effortless COD reconciliation and driver payout management. Flexible COD reconciliation empower courier providers to reduce cash handling cost by 11%.

Advanced Analytics

Data analytics leverage AI and ML technologies to offer useful insights to empower courier companies to identify loopholes, detect trends, spot patterns, and understand customer behavior. They can also use insights to improve courier management processes and monitor the performance of drivers. With business intelligence capabilities, businesses can also generate customized reports and increase data visualization.

Seamless Returns Management

Automating returns allows faster pick-ups and reduced costs. As soon as the courier management software receives a return request, it looks for a driver that is delivering an order in the nearby location. Once it finds the driver, the system automatically assigns the pickup request to that driver to save the resources and cost of creating a new trip from scratch.

Why choose Shipsy’s courier management software in Malaysia?

Shipsy’s AI-powered courier management solution is the first choice of most businesses as it offers intelligent capabilities to automate first mile operations such as allocation of pick-ups to hubs and drivers, scan-based pickups, route planning, etc. It also automates middle mile operations such as parcel optimization, inscan consignments, weight, and volume verification, bag creation, and mid mile trip creation.

When it comes to the last mile, the courier management software in Malaysia streamlines auto dispatch, label printing, route optimization, order tracking, order clubbing, and returns. Besides these capabilities, the courier management platform also offers territory optimization to ensure hassle-free deliveries even in large geographical areas. It breaks a pre-defined geographical area into zones and subzones by defining them in pin codes, area names, and polygon sets to make it easy to locate addresses and ensure timely deliveries.

Territory optimization helps determine the distribution of orders to freelance and fixed drivers. This excellent feature helps increase the number of deliveries per day and the number of deliveries per driver. Apart from this, Shipsy’s courier management system also offers business intelligence capabilities to allow businesses to create customized reports and augment data visualization. It promotes highly accurate data-driven decision making.

The smart courier management solution in Malaysia also helps with 3PL management and selection of the right third-party logistics provider for a particular type of delivery. It also empowers businesses to monitor 3PL performance on the basis of various parameters such as delivery SLAs, costs, etc. The customizable and easy to integrate courier management platform help businesses unlock the following benefits:

  • 23% reduction in last mile delivery costs
  • 45% decrease in customer onboarding time 
  • 12% decrease in mid mile costs
  • 28% reduction in customer complaints
  • 18% increase in the net promoter score
  • Up to 97% growth in real-time last-mile transaction volume

To know more about our advanced courier management software in Malaysia, visit our solution page or connect with our experts here.


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