Looking for a Courier Management Software in USA – Here’s All You Need to Know


Looking for a Courier Management Software in USA – Here’s All You Need to Know

The USA has a massive parcel logistics space, and the US CEP market is expected to hit the USD 152 bn mark by 2027, as per a recent study by IMARC Group. According to another report by Statista, in 2021, parcel shipping activities in the US alone generated 188 billion U.S. dollars globally in revenue, and parcel volume reached 21.6 billion parcels. 

What makes the overall scene even more exciting and full of opportunities is the fact that businesses are constantly revamping their offerings, and the latest customer trends, such as quick deliveries, on-demand deliveries, food deliveries, and eCommerce, are spurring rapid growth.

The huge CEP market comprises three major service types – B2C, B2B, and C2C. B2C leads with a steadily growing market share, mainly due to the growth of the eCommerce market. While the market is moving toward growth, the rising last mile costs, inefficient delivery orchestration, and sub-optimal delivery planning are some of the major challenges. All the factors are cumulatively driving the need for intelligent, efficient, and flexible courier management software in the USA. 

Here, we discuss what courier management software does and how businesses can benefit from it. We also share some key considerations to keep in mind to choose the right software for your business. 

#1 – Booming eCommerce

The growth of the CEP market in the US can be attributed to the surge in e-commerce trade through online portals. The trend of online shopping through e-retail platforms has gained popularity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people sought to avoid physical stores and shop from the safety and convenience of their homes. This shift in consumer behavior has resulted in increased demand for CEP services as businesses race to keep up with the rising demand for home deliveries.

As e-commerce continues to grow, the CEP market is expected to experience further expansion. Additionally, the modern approach to retail has shifted from merely offering products to designing a seamless, well-rounded user experience at every touchpoint. This means that businesses need to provide a buying journey worthy of purchases in the modern era, from when a customer browses a website to when they receive their product. 

This trend is fueling the demand for smart courier management software in USA, as businesses strive to provide fast and reliable delivery services that meet the expectations of their customers.

#2 – Omni-Channel Retailing

Another crucial demand driver is the growth of omnichannel retailers who integrate their online and in-store experiences has been on the rise. These retailers are looking for ways to meet consumer demands for faster delivery in a cost-efficient manner and get increased control over the entire process by utilizing new technologies that optimize their existing physical infrastructure.

They are looking for smart courier management solutions in USA that can help them offer greater control and delivery flexibility to their customers, such as buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup. These options provide customers with the convenience of online shopping while also allowing them to save time and avoid shipping fees.

#3 – Booming Healthcare Sector

Another strong trend that is fuelling the demand for intelligent courier and express logistics management is the sudden boom in the healthcare sector. The growth was triggered by COVID-19, and the reverberations are still being felt. Manufacturers are mostly relying on express logistics for time-sensitive deliveries of goods and equipment, and this is skyrocketing the costs of express logistics.

Pharmaceutical stakeholders are looking for ways to minimize their logistics spending and widen their reach at the same time, thereby creating a sink for intelligent courier management solutions.

#4 – Online Grocery Shopping Surge

Statista reports that the online grocery industry has approximately 150 million customers in the United States, almost half of the country’s population. This number is expected to increase even further in the coming years, indicating significant growth potential for the industry. However, the sales patterns are erratic and customers’ demands and expectations are evolving at a breakneck pace, making it hard for retailers to keep up with these fluctuating preferences.

Hence, retailers are looking for ways to manage last mile chaos and confusion, and reduce delivery costs, to unlock higher profits without affecting the SLAs and customer experience.

Courier Management Software in USA – What, How, and Why

Courier management software comes with in-built functionalities and intelligent algorithms that help retailers and their service partners to “perform, manage, monitor, track, analyze, and plan” all the logistics operations. Businesses can have a real-time view of all their shipments, assets, and riders and can get/share automated notifications about key milestone events and more. 

Businesses using software for courier management in USA can optimize their logistics operations by selecting cost-efficient and reliable logistics providers. They can streamline their operations via multiple smart features, such as digital invoice and billing management, optimized field logistics, and highly efficient doorstep deliveries.

The software can also offer smart process orchestration, real-time communication to track and confirm deliveries, and minimal SLA ETA breaches, improving customer experience and engagement while minimizing revenue loss. By eliminating the hassle of finding the best riders, vehicles, and 3PLs, businesses can ensure quick deliveries through efficient logistics management.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Using Courier Management Software in USA

#1 – 360-Degree Visibility

The inability to get real-time updates on order movements and vehicle status leads to inefficiencies and degrades the customer experience. With AI/ML-powered courier management system software, all stakeholders can track real-time location and order movement, improving customer engagement and experience. The software also sends configurable status updates and trigger notifications to multiple stakeholders for key milestones and other events.

#2 – Centralized Operations Management

Software for courier management comes with an integrated dashboard for unified management of every operation and process. Businesses can integrate the software with already existing tech infrastructure to unlock granular visibility into all the resources and operations. Thus, the software automates the management of critical functions throughout the first, middle, and last stages of logistics.

#3 – Real-Time Tracking

Businesses often struggle with gaining visibility into the real-time movement of parcels, and manual tracking is tedious, which becomes a scalability constraint. On the other hand, businesses using AI-powered courier management software in USA can track all the assets (drivers and vehicles), parcels, and order status in real time. 

Any time a rider or vehicle deviates from the expected or system-generated behavior, the system sends automated alerts to the manager, which improves overall performance and efficiency. 

#4 – Intelligent Route Planning and Optimization

Customer demands for rapid deliveries are rising, and stats reveal that 41% of customers seek fast deliveries free of cost. However, delivering these expectations in a manually-managed system is impossible, as manual or static route planning creates inefficient routes and has its limitations. Advanced courier software systems, such as Shipsy, come with in-built routing and route optimization algorithms that create highly efficient and optimal routes based on configurable constraints that users themselves can set. This helps reduce costs due to inefficient route planning, empty miles, idling, and driver deviations. This eliminates the need for manual confirmation of shipment or order status.

#5 – Improved Resource Utilization

Businesses using smart courier management software solutions in US can improve the utilization of various logistics components, such as vehicle capacity and rider costs, by leveraging the in-built optimization algorithms. They can set specific parameters based on delivery areas, parcels, and other variables, and the optimizer automatically selects appropriate vehicles, riders, and fleets for efficient delivery orchestration.

Furthermore, utilizing intelligent third-party logistics management routines can improve overall supply chain efficiency, streamlining logistics operations and achieving significant cost savings while ensuring optimal performance.

#6 – Data Analytics and Reporting

Another major benefit of advanced courier management software is data analytics and reporting, which enables businesses to get highly actionable data insights from all the logistics components. As the data analytics and reporting features are in-built, businesses can get highly reliable insights from near real-time data to make smarter and more strategic business decisions. Further, they don’t need to rely upon third-party data analytics reports as the system offers integrated analytics and reporting with rich data visualization. 

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Courier Management Software in USA

While the internet is teeming with options for automating courier operations, the majority of the options are standard solutions with very basic automation features built with a one-size-fits-all approach. However, the business requirements can vary across different CEP businesses or operators, which makes it difficult to choose the right solution.

Below, we share some key considerations that every business owner should keep in mind while choosing a courier management system:

  • Effortless integration with existing tech infrastructure and standardization of information, such as order status, delivery status, etc.
  • Automated workflows for first mile movements, such as automation of pickup requests, consignment scanning, real-time tracking, origin hub allocation, driver allocation, etc.
  • Middle mile management, such as automated label generation and bagging management (sorting, adding seals and waybills, etc.)
  • Facilitates smooth planning, monitoring, managing, and tracking of hub-to-hub movements
  • Smart route planning and optimization, efficient trip creation and management, dynamic routing, real-time order tracking, and maximizing vehicle capacity utilization
  • Effortless customs clearance via digitized documentation
  • Unified communication and collaboration
  • ePoDs and COD management

Shipsy – The Best Courier Management Software in USA

Shipsy is an intelligent platform that offers diverse solutions for logistics industries and use cases, facilitating logistics and supply chain management. Our advanced AI/ML algorithms and data analytics power an accurate and comprehensive CEP orchestration platform, streamlining every aspect of order movement. 

With Shipsy, clients can optimize their resources, assets, and time, maximizing efficiency and productivity to unlock:

  • 45% reduction in customer onboarding time
  • 23% reduction in Last Mile delivery costs
  • 12% reduction in Mid Mile costs
  • 28% reduction in customer complaints
  • Rapid digitization and scaling

For more information or to get started with Shipsy’s advanced courier management software in the USA, please get in touch with our experts and schedule a customized demo today.


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