Six Key Benefits of Delivery Route Planning Software in Qatar


Six Key Benefits of Delivery Route Planning Software in Qatar

Owing to the growth of the e-commerce sector, infrastructural development, and government initiatives such as Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar’s last mile delivery market is witnessing immense growth over the past few years. But challenges such as traffic congestion, lack of clear addresses, and poor consignment visibility have made it difficult for the last mile service providers to achieve last mile success. Here is when delivery route planning software in Qatar comes into the picture.

Delivery route planning software empowers businesses to get the most efficient delivery routes that result in reduced transportation costs, improved resource utilization, minimized delivery delays, enhanced customer experience, and improved business profitability. It leverages disruptive technologies such as AI and ML to automate route planning processes in the most efficient and effortless way. Before we dig deeper into the other benefits of advanced route planning solutions, let’s glance through the challenges businesses in Qatar face.

Three Challenges Associated with Delivery Route Planning

Dependency on Human Elements

Conventional route planning practices involve human elements to plan delivery routes. Manually planning routes not only eats up a significant amount of time but also leaves chances for costly errors. Moreover, it is also difficult for humans to take into account real-time parameters such as weather conditions and traffic congestion.

ETA SLA Breaches

Manual routing is inefficient; it leads to a lack of communication and real-time visibility on consignment that can further result in delivery delays and ETA SLA breaches. Besides, not keeping customers informed about the delivery status can also lead to delivery failures as the customer might not be there to receive the order at the time of delivery.

Lack of Clear Addresses

The absence of a universal address system creates another big obstacle for last mile delivery service providers to optimize delivery routes efficiently. It makes it difficult for the delivery drivers to locate customers’ location, which can lead to delivery delays and poor customer experience.

What are the Benefits of Delivery Route Planning Software in Qatar?

1. Intelligent Delivery Route Planning and Optimization

The AI-powered delivery route planning software in Qatar takes numerous factors into account, including delivery location, product weight and volume, delivery time window, historical route data, real-time weather conditions, and traffic updates while generating delivery routes. By considering all these variables, it intelligently identifies the most efficient delivery routes for each vehicle, saving valuable time and reducing human resource costs. Additionally, the delivery route planning software offers dynamic route planning to accommodate any unexpected changes in the delivery schedule, such as new orders or reverse pick-up requests.

2. Optimal Utilization of Assets

Delivery route planning software in Qatar optimizes the utilization of assets like delivery vehicles and drivers. Through automated processes, the software assigns orders to the appropriate vehicles and riders, maximizing the capacity of each vehicle and optimizing resource utilization. Consequently, there is a reduced need for additional vehicle leases, resulting in substantial cost savings.

3. Minimized Transportation Costs

Well-optimized delivery routes lower transportation costs. It minimizes fuel consumption, which further reduces fuel expenses. By taking real-time traffic and weather conditions into account, it ensures that delivery vehicles avoid getting stuck in traffic, thus reducing engine idling and maintenance costs. The software also facilitates dynamic route planning, allowing delivery vehicles to be rerouted in cases of traffic congestion or last-minute changes, such as delivery rescheduling by the end customer. Furthermore, by maximizing the capacity of each vehicle, the software helps minimize the need for additional vehicles, resulting in overall transportation cost savings.

4. Real-Time Tracking

The implementation of smart delivery route planning software allows logistics companies and stakeholders to benefit from real-time tracking capabilities. This feature enables them to monitor delivery vehicles in real-time and obtain accurate estimates of the expected arrival times (ETAs). Real-time tracking empowers companies to promptly respond to unforeseen delays or changes in the delivery schedule, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

5. Geocoding Capabilities for Accurate Addressing

Delivery route optimization software in Qatar incorporates geocoding capabilities, making it easier for riders to locate delivery addresses. By converting text addresses into precise longitude and latitude coordinates, the software simplifies the process of locating destinations. Furthermore, leveraging advanced machine learning models and historical data, the software can identify and correct any discrepancies or spelling errors in the addresses, ensuring accurate and efficient deliveries.

6. Reduced Empty Miles

The advanced delivery route planning solution in Qatar is designed to minimize the number of empty miles covered by delivery vehicles. By optimizing the delivery routes, the software ensures that the final delivery is located closest to the starting hub. This strategic planning helps reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and positively impacts delivery profitability.

Shipsy: AI-Powered Delivery Route Planning Software in Qatar

Shipsy’s AI-powered delivery route planning solution in Qatar empowers businesses to efficiently manage their fleets, maximize the capacity of their vehicles, and ensure smart route planning to ensure streamlined last-mile deliveries. The software optimizes resource utilization by automatically allocating orders to delivery vehicles based on various constraints, including vehicle make, capacity, size, and product volume.

With real-time order tracking and precise delivery ETAs, the delivery route planning software enables businesses to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Shipsy’s route optimization software in Qatar sends automated alerts at key milestones, such as when an order reaches the nearest delivery hub or when it is out for delivery. These alerts not only enhance the customer experience but also reduce customer query calls or “where is my order” (WISMO) inquiries.

Furthermore, Shipsy’s route planning software provides valuable insights to logistics companies. It allows them to leverage data analytics and make informed decisions to improve profitability, customer experience, and more. The software offers critical insights, such as the average trip duration, the number of deliveries per trip, and the success rate of deliveries. By implementing this SaaS-based and customizable route planning software, businesses can unlock benefits such as:

  • 25% increase in deliveries per vehicle
  • 20% decrease in total miles traveled
  • 13% increase in delivery schedule adherence
  • 12% decrease in total transportation costs
  • 31% increase in vehicle capacity utilization
  • 18% savings in route planning and optimization time

To understand Shipsy’s delivery route planning software’s capabilities in detail, schedule a demo today.


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