A Comprehensive Guide To First Mile Delivery in Qatar


A Comprehensive Guide To First Mile Delivery in Qatar

The growth of the eCommerce industry, projected to reach US$5,683.7 million by 2027, in Qatar demands logistics service providers to implement smart solutions to streamline logistics operations that can assure delightful customer experience and business profitability. And to achieve this goal, businesses must focus on all three legs, the first, middle, and last mile, of logistics. Since there is enough hype about the last mile delivery, let’s discuss the first mile- the less-talked leg of logistics.

First Mile Delivery in Qatar: Definition

In simple words, first mile delivery is the transportation of goods from a manufacturing plant or pickup to the next destination. Depending on the type of business (manufacturing, retail, CEP, etc.), the destination could be a distribution center, store, or warehouse.

It is the first leg of logistics management that involves the transportation of goods from an initial location to the next step in the order fulfillment process. Some steps involved in the first mile logistics include labeling and packaging of goods, loading them into the vehicle, planning routes, and unloading them at the distribution center or hub.

First mile delivery is completely different from last mile delivery as the former involves the movement of goods from the manufacturing unit to the warehouse, whereas the latter involves the movement of goods from the shipper to the end customer. The goods are transported in big pallet-sized shipments in unbranded packages in the first mile. On the other hand, goods are moved in smaller packages, mostly with branded packaging.

First Mile Delivery in Qatar: Why Is It Important

Qatar’s logistics industry is booming at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the increasing global trade activities, growing e-commerce industry, improving infrastructure, changing delivery trends, and the FIFA world cup event that was held last year. To keep pace with this growth, make logistics operations cost-efficient, and enhance customer experience, it is important for businesses to focus on end-to-end delivery management.

Efficient delivery management doesn’t only mean taking care of the last mile processes but also the first and middle mile that directly impacts the overall logistics management. Any delay or inefficiency in this leg of logistics may lead to missed delivery deadlines, increased overall logistics costs, and, ultimately dissatisfied customers.

3 Roadblocks to The Success of First Mile Delivery In Qatar

Manual Labeling of goods

Labeling of goods is one of the key processes of first mile delivery, and executing it manually may make it time-intensive. Moreover, it can also increase the chances of errors as handwritten labels might not incorporate full address details, which may abstain courier companies from picking up goods at the right time. Poor labeling may also lead to delayed deliveries.

Inefficient Route Planning

Route planning is an integral part of the first leg of logistics management. Courier companies and businesses in Qatar that follow conventional approaches for logistics management find it challenging to find efficient routes for the transportation of goods. Moreover, manual route planning doesn’t include real-time factors and may result in delayed deliveries, poor resource utilization, and, ultimately, high logistics costs.

Poor Visibility

Conventional first mile delivery management approaches don’t provide means to track consignments while they are transported from the manufacturing unit to a warehouse or distribution center. And having no or minimal visibility may lead to inefficient tracking of goods and delays.

First Mile Delivery Software In Qatar: Overcome First Mile Challenges With Smart Automation

First mile delivery software in Qatar streamlines the first leg of logistics management and brings transparency during the movement of goods from the source to the destination. It offers a unified dashboard to the shipper and receiver to track the movement of goods and get accurate ETAs. Smart automation, through first mile delivery software, also contributes to reducing the overall transportation costs, minimizing the involvement of human elements, ensuring timely pickups, and improving the overall shipping experience. Here is how the software help combat first mile challenges:

Automated Label Generation

First mile delivery software automates the label generation process and eliminates the chances of any error. As soon as the system receives an order through the customer portal, mobile app, or APIs, the first mile software automatically fetches the required details, such as the recipient’s address, name, etc., and generates labels without any manual intervention. Shippers can also choose to upload multiple consignment data in a sheet-based format.

Optimal Resource Utilization

First mile delivery software in Qatar automates the allocation of orders to hubs and drivers based on various parameters, including geolocation. Besides, the software also ensures efficient orchestration by clubbing pickups and deliveries on the go. Automating the process also ensures optimal resource utilization, eliminating the need for hiring more vehicles from the market and saving time and costs.

Smart Route Planning and Optimization

First mile delivery management software in Qatar also facilitates AI-powered route planning and optimization that considers real-time constraints such as traffic and weather conditions to generate routes from the source to the destination. Apart from route planning, the first mile software also empowers both the sender and receiver to track the movement of goods in real-time.

Data Analytics

Smart first mile delivery solutions in Qatar empower businesses to leverage smart data and analytics to track key metrics around first mile pickups. Based on the insights provided by the software, they can make informed decisions. The software also makes it easy to generate customized reports and share them among stakeholders or internal teams within a single click.

Streamline First Mile Delivery in Qatar With Shipsy

Shipsy offers AI-powered first-mile pickup software that empowers businesses to streamline their first-mile operations with intelligent order management, data analytics, automated label generation, real-time tracking, and other top-notch features. It offers a unified dashboard to track the movement of all consignments, enable scan-based pickups, combine pickups and deliveries for efficient management, and more.

To know more about Shipsy’s SaaS-based first mile delivery solution or logistics management platform that streamlines end-to-end logistics management, schedule a demo now.


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