Which company offers the best courier software in the UAE?


Created on February 5, 2021

Still following traditional ways of courier tracking, monitoring, and delivery in UAE? Doing this might take a heavy toll on your operational cost. Moreover, it can also make your business face challenges like delayed deliveries, unsatisfied customer base, high driving time, high fuel cost, requirement of market vehicles for delivery, and more.

Today’s digitally driven era demands businesses to upgrade their courier delivery operations to meet the same-day delivery, next-day delivery, or at least on-time delivery expectations. Furthermore, upgrading courier operations and managing it under one roof through technological platforms also helps to lower down the operational costs and get rid of delivery-related challenges.

As there are ample of companies that offer courier software in UAE, choosing the best one among them needs undivided attention. And to decide which company offers the best courier software in UAE, you should know what makes any courier software best for your business. Check out the below-mentioned points for the same-

  • Easy to integrate and simple to use

The courier software should be easy to integrate with your existing ERP/SAP systems. It should have a friendly interface and a dashboard to manage and monitor different delivery operations.

  • Intelligent order allocation

The courier software should have the feature of smartly allocating orders by segregating them based on parameters like type, size, and volume of the goods and delivery location. To know more about the automated order allocation, read this blog-

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  • Route optimization

Planning and optimizing routes ensures that more deliveries can be done in one day. Automating the process also minimizes dependency on human resources and reduces driving time and fuel cost.

  • Real-time tracking

The software should be able to provide this feature to both the vendors and end-customers. Using this feature, they would be able to track orders and check estimated time of delivery. 

  • Trip management 

There should be specific features for the drivers to help them manage the trips, get alerts for new pickup requests, and check delivery-related preferences. 

  • End-customer visibility

The courier software should be able to provide visibility to the end-customers so that they can reschedule deliveries, share delivery-related feedback, and request for online payments in case they want to pay online for their cash on delivery orders.  

SaaS-based software or Custom-made software?

Going with the current trend, most of the logistics companies, e-commerce companies, and other organizations that are looking to upgrade their courier delivery operations are choosing SaaS-based software over building the one from scratch. Let’s know the difference between both-

SaaS means software as a service; such software is deployed over the cloud. All you have to do is to provide your custom business requirements and choose the features you want in the software, and the SaaS-based courier software provider will deploy it in a short time.

On the other hand, if you choose the latter one, then you have to submit your requirements to a software development company. The company might take months or even years to develop a customized software for your business.  

The former is budget-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere; however, the latter could be a little expensive and can be accessed through only particular machines.   

A full-fledged software requires regular maintenance and also needs professionals to add more features in case of business scalability. To add features to SaaS-based features, all you have to do is to contact your provider and they will enable it in a few hours.

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Which company offers the best courier software in the UAE?

Shipsy, the leading provider of SaaS-based logistics solutions, is the one that offers courier delivery software with top-notch features. You can contact the company to get the best courier delivery software in UAE. With the software, you can track, monitor, and manage your deliveries. Get the software today to streamline your courier delivery operations and cut down the overall delivery cost. 


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