Why Logistics Management is the Need of the Hour in the Middle East?


Why Logistics Management is the Need of the Hour in the Middle East?

Why Logistics Management is the Need of the Hour in the Middle East?

The global pandemic has caused a ruckus in the economy but logistics has risen as an efficient place of access for consumers with doorstep deliveries and minimum human interaction. The scenario and challenges faced by logistical corporations globally are generally common except Middle East countries, which have uncommon issues such as imprecise locations.

The level of complexity of the existing trade network in the Gulf is beyond any imagination. The UAE has been a major logistics provider in the region, but due to the increase in the e-commerce business, there has been an incessant demand for increasing the number of logistics companies to deliver the material to end customers.

Besides this, a few more logistical challenges in the Middle East includes:

Pinning of Exact Location

The Middle-Eastern customers do not write precise addresses. Addresses are sometimes in English and Arabic which are usually unclear; the delivery executives end up wasting valuable time searching for the right location. An efficient Logistics management software, provided by companies like Shipsy, offers a seamless way of handling this challenge.

Shipsy’s logistics management software uses a geo-coding methodology to convert addresses into the form of precise longitudes and latitudes which leads to zero wastage of time and safe delivery of the products to the exact location.

Reduce RTO (Return to origin) Rate

With the increase in the online order requests due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a seamless return policy is the need of the hour to guarantee customer satisfaction. For this, it is necessary to have a proper tracking of the product from the customer’s place to the warehouse. Many LMS like Shipsy’s provides a transparent tracking system where users can not only track their products but also view the reasons either for the delay or non-delivery of the product.

The software also comes up with a “customer app” that facilitates the customers to reschedule the delivery in case of non-availability, which further minimizes the chances of returning products to the source. RTO companies incur heavy expenses when the orders are returned. Through Shipsy’s unmatched platform, companies can track the successful first-time deliveries and ensure less RTOs (Return to Origin) orders.

Geographical and Regional Uniqueness

Locating an address in different countries in the Middle East, with vast expanding landscapes, desserts, and density of orders from certain territories, is a challenging task for the delivery executives. For last-mile logistics, it is important to be completely aware of the routes and the lifestyle of people.

For instance, the business in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is completely shut during Salat. It is therefore worthless to execute deliveries of consignments during that. In other words, the routing should take into account prayer timings, rider constraints, traffic restrictions, vehicle restrictions, etc., so as to come up with a plan that can actually work on the ground.

Here, Shipsy comes into the play. Based on the framework of new-age technologies and pre-defined algorithms, it provides the customers the feature of pinning their exact location, and therefore, first-time delivery attempt gets successful. Moreover, the software has an intelligent system for the prior optimisation of routes, like finding a route with lower traffic, which results in the faster delivery of the product.

Proper Tracking of Goods

Tracking the consignments effectively is a major concern when it has to be passed from multiple services providers. Consignors book the vehicles who further deliver the consignments to the local warehouses. The warehouses then load the consignments to other vehicles to deliver them to ports. In this way, the consignment had to go to multiple providers before reaching its final destination.

This might cause trust issues in terms of the safety and on-time delivery of the consignment. Here is when Shipsy’s logistics management software comes to the rescue. It provides a real-time visibility on its platform where users, with the help of trip tracking, can track the particular trip of their consignment and ensure the delivery to the exact location.

What Can Be Done with a Logistics Management Software?

A good logistics management software can address most of these issues:

–  The intelligent systems based on the complex algorithms will help in overcoming the problem of planning an optimum delivery route. Through proper route planning and optimization, it can also help in choosing the right time and mode of transportation for the delivery. Moreover, the specialized Last-Mile Delivery Automation feature, available in Shipsy’s LMS, can also facilitate the automated route planning for courier delivery.

–  A good logistics management software will help you keep track of the shipment from the first mile to the last time. You can track the location of the package throughout the entire route. Moreover, the software also helps people involved in the delivery to collaborate and connect throughout the delivery. This will help in overcoming the security-related issues. Above all, it would provide real-time visibility to the end-users.

–  Shipsy’s LMS also offers a driver app for managing and executing their tasks to make sure that they complete all of them efficiently. The status of the driver could be easily tracked using AI automation.

–  Savings on fuel and other costs is one of the best reasons for switching to a logistics software. The software can automatically compare different shipping services, delivery agents, and transportation methods to find ones with the least pricing. Moreover, the software helps in utilizing the vehicles’ capacity to the fullest, which further helps in reducing the fuel cost. Planning the entire delivery process leads to the minimization of the overall logistics cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a Logistics Management Software to ensure on-time deliveries and a hassle-free logistics.

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