How To Choose The Best Logistics Management System?


How To Choose The Best Logistics Management System?

Logistics management system: Be it manufacturing, FMCG, retail, or e-commerce, logistics is a crucial part of every business. Smooth and streamlined logistics operations help a business maintain transparency throughout the entire journey of a product from the warehouse to the end-users’ location. Moreover, these operations also assist in delivering the products on time, reducing RTO, which ensures that your business is leading to the right path, i.e., the path of success.

But managing the logistics is not a cakewalk; you have to have a huge different teams to manage various tasks such as:

  • Managing orders
  • Finding the right vehicle (either from your own fleet or 3PL)
  • Mapping consignments with the vehicles
  • Deciding the right route for the drivers
  • Calling drivers to check the status of the orders
  • Dealing with customers’ queries regarding the status of the order or any other delivery-related issues

To accomplish these tasks, your logistics team needs to be highly experienced, fully dedicated, and conversant with efficient time management. Now, if you are wondering that managing the logistics operations can cost you a fortune, then yes it could (especially if you have a big business with millions of customers). What’s more challenging is to ensure all of your customers are getting their orders delivered on time.

You can overcome these challenges and save a huge transportation cost by using logistics management software. Yes, logistics management system will not only guarantee on-time delivery but it also minimizes fuel cost, reduces RTO, and provides several other benefits.

Since many logistics management system solution providers are there in the market, it is not a child’s play to find the one that is best among all. After all, you are investing your hard-earned money, it should not go in vain. To get the best logistics management software, check out for the following features in it:

 Integration with your ERP

The logistics software must be able to integrate with your current ERP to check the new and pending orders, details regarding your self-owned vehicles, and other information.

Intelligent Allocation System

This is what makes logistics management system to function on its own or without any human intervention. The software must be able to segregate the consignment based on various allocation rules, such as type, volume, weight, delivery location, and more.

Based on these rules, the software should automatically decide whether to choose self-owned vehicles or contact a 3PL. It should also be able to map the consignments with the right vehicle to use its capacity to the fullest.

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AWB Generation

The logistics software should have the facility to generate airway bills before proceeding with the consignments for the delivery. It should also provide the option to generate labels to be printed on the consignment.

Route Planning and Optimization

The LMS must be capable of finding the most efficient route for delivering consignments to the customers’ location. This would reduce fuel costs, save delivery time, and avoid idling of engines.

Driver App

The delivery management software should include a driver app, where the drivers can receive pick up requests and manage orders, do COD remittance calculation, check which customer has opted for the contactless delivery, get the efficient route for customers’ location. It would be great if the app is accessible in multiple languages so drivers can use it in their preferred language.

End-user Visibility

The software must be able to offer complete visibility to your customers so that they can track their consignment, contact the delivery agent, pin exact location, and reschedule delivery time.

These are the essential features that would help you make your entire logistics hassle-free. Moreover, they will also help you to cut down on the overall transportation cost and deliver the ultimate experience to your customer.

Which is the best company to get logistics management software?

To get logistics management system that suits your business size and meets its logistics-related requirements, you don’t need to spend hours researching on the web. Simply, contact Shipsy and get tailor-made or customized logistics software that will not only integrate smoothly your existing ERP but also digitalize the entire logistics in no time.

Here is why you should choose Shipsy’s logistics management solution:

  • Ease to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free integration with your existing ERP
  • Smart allocation rules
  • Vehicle capacity utilization
  • Driver app
  • End-user visibility

Provide us your specific requirements, and we will provide you customized logistics software for your business.

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