5 Features to Look For in the Best Courier Software in Saudi Arabia


Created on February 24, 2021

Running an e-commerce company or logistics company in Saudi Arabia and fed up with the problems like delayed deliveries, high vehicle maintenance cost, high courier delivery cost, increasing rate of RTO and more? Following the traditional way of courier management could be the most possible reason for it. 

In today’s digital-driven world where customers can order any product of their choice within minutes, the demand for faster and trackable deliveries has become the new norm. The rising consumer expectations has made it no less than a necessity to replace the traditional courier management ways with courier management software that can automate various delivery processes to ensure safe and faster deliveries. 

If your business has been struggling to find the best courier software in Saudi Arabia, then this article for you. No, we are not forcing you to opt for a particular company’s software. The prime purpose of writing this article is to make you aware of the essential features that should be there in the courier software you should get for your business in Saudi Arabia. 

Package sorting and allocation

A huge team of professionals is required to manually segregate the parcels or packages based on parameters like delivery location, type of product, size of product, and more. Best courier software in Saudi Arabia would do this within the blink of an eye. Therefore, when you purchase such software, don’t forget to look for this feature.

Assigning drivers and scheduling dispatch

Make sure the courier management software offers automatically assigning of drivers and scheduling dispatch. This would minimize the dependence on human resources, and hence, would contribute in reducing the operational cost. 

Automated route planning

The software should provide the automated route planning and optimization feature to ensure that no vehicle has to face traffic congestion, road restrictions, and other problems, while maximizing the number of deliveries per day. 

Tracking consignments for the vendor as well as end-customer

Courier software in Saudi Arabia should include the real-time tracking feature for the vendor as well as the end-customer. This would help in increasing customer satisfaction. 

Driver app or driver panel

The courier dispatch software should have a driver panel to help riders manage every trip and look into delivery-related preferences of customers. 

Visibility for the end-customer

The courier management software should provide visibility to the end-customer as well. This would help them check delivery ETA, select time slot for the delivery, and submit delivery feedback. 

Remember, choosing the right courier management software for your business in Saudi Arabia can not only save a considerable amount of money but also help you overcome challenges like-

  • Shortage of drivers
  • High transportation cost
  • Poor package visibility 
  • Manual parcel sorting and allocation 
  • Manual route planning 
  • Delay in deliveries
  • Inability to track consignments 
  • High rate of RTO (return to origin)

Now when you know how the best courier software in Saudi Arabia can transform the delivery processes of your business, why not get the one from a reliable company. You can opt for choosing a software development company and develop the software right from the scratch. However, this could cost a lot of money and time. 

In case, if you want customized courier software with features necessary to run your particular type of delivery operations, then opt for SaaS (software as a service) software. SaaS-based courier management software doesn’t cost much, moreover, you can design it as per your particular business requirements. One company that offers the best courier software for e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, courier & express delivery, and other industries is Shipsy. 


Every customer wants their order to be delivered as soon as possible; and today’s digitally-driven era has made it necessary for the businesses to meet this demand to survive and thrive. You can make this possible by integrating courier management software into your existing ERP/SAP/Oracle systems. And if you are finding the best courier management software in Saudi Arabia or any other country, then check out the features mentioned in this article. To get custom-made SaaS-based courier software for your business, reach out to Shipsy now. 


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