Best Express Delivery Software in Dubai


Created on February 7, 2021

Gone are the days when delayed deliveries were considered normal. Nowadays, when customers are able to place an order within seconds, they also expect their order to deliver either on the same or the next day. Not just this, many e-com companies also offer express delivery service to their premium customers. But have you ever wondered, how the companies are managing to offer express delivery services?

Of course, by using express delivery software; that’s because tasks like managing new and processing existing orders, finding the routes, raising pickups, generating AWBs, printing labels, and tracking orders manually might not help businesses to ensure express deliveries. Just like in other countries, in Dubai as well, businesses are facing various delivery-related challenges due to-

  • Shortage of labor
  • High operational cost
  • Inability to track orders in real-time
  • Difficulty in locating addresses
  • Offering consignment visibility to the end-customers

If you are running an e-commerce business and looking out for the best express delivery software in Dubai to overcome the aforementioned and other challenges, then this article is a must read for you. Here, we have mentioned the key features you should look while choosing top express delivery software in Dubai-

Simple integration

The express delivery software in Dubai should be easy to integrate with your existing system. By doing this, the software can look into new orders, segregate them based on different parameters, and automatically process them for the delivery.

Quick deployment

This would help your business to save big on the software development cost. SaaS-based software can be quickly deployed as compared to the one that needs development from scratch. Therefore, you can find a company that offers the former. One such company is Shipsy; its SaaS-based express delivery software can be deployed within a short time.

Intelligent order allocation

The software should be able to automate the order allocation process keeping in mind the order-vehicle constraint. This would help the companies to utilize their vehicles’ capacity completely and save big on the fuel cost.

Automated route optimization

The express delivery software you need for your company in Dubai should be able to plan and optimize routes without any human intervention. Moreover, it should also have another feature, i.e., dynamic route planning. The former facilitates finding the most efficient routes, while the latter will help the riders to get a new route immediately when a customer cancels or reschedules the delivery at the last moment.

Driver app

The express delivery software should come up with a driver app to help the riders look into new pick up requests and manage other trip-related information. Moreover, it would also help them to check delivery-related preferences of the end-customers.

Customer visibility

With this feature, customers would be able to change delivery time or address, pin exact location of the delivery on the map, check estimated time of delivery, and share feedback.

Now, when you know the key features of an express delivery software, contact Shipsy, one of the reliable SaaS-based express delivery software in Dubai providers. All you have to provide your specific business needs and the company will customize the software accordingly.


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