The Role of Real-Time Delivery Alerts In Ensuring Instant Customer Gratification


Updated on August 13th, 2021

Long gone are the days when customers used to wait for weeks to get their order delivered. Ongoing digital transformation and increased use of technology have changed the whole scenario. These days, every customer wants their order to be delivered on the same or the next day. However, not every e-commerce store can offer this service, but what they can least provide is the visibility on their order. 

Order visibility with real-time delivery notifications can really make a difference. Before mentioning the points to validate this statement, let’s understand a bit more about delivery alerts or shipment alerts. 

What are delivery alerts?

Delivery alerts are the messages customers receive after they place an order till it reaches their place. Sent via email, text messages, or WhatsApp, these messages alert them about the up-to-date status of their order. In short, delivery notifications keep customers informed during the complete delivery process. “Your order has been picked”, “Your order will reach by tomorrow”, and “Your order has been delivered” are some of the examples of delivery alerts. 

How delivery alerts can benefit your business

With businesses switching from physical stores to online platforms, providing the best delivery experience to your customers can help your business to have an edge over your competitors. However, improved customer experience is not the only benefit you can get, below-mentioned are some other advantages of sending real-time delivery notifications- 

  • Ensures customer loyalty 

As per an online report, 93% of the shoppers want to be informed during the delivery process. E-commerce stores that offer real-time order tracking services with delivery alerts are more likely to delight their customers than those with poor or no visibility on the order. It brings customer satisfaction and thus, customer loyalty. 

  • Reduces the number of calls to the customer support center

Having no or poor visibility on the order status would definitely increase the number of calls to your customer support center. However, if they get regular updates on the order status, they would not need to contact the customer service executives. You can also run your support services with a minimal team, which would reduce the operational cost. 

  • Loop in new customers 

Offering exceptional delivery services would definitely retain your existing customers as well as invite new ones. The existing customers would refer their acquaintances to your store, which would amplify the sales. 

  • Reduces rate of RTO and redelivery

Customers having information about the estimated time of arrival are most likely to be available at the destination. This would increase the chances for the first-attempt delivery and reduce the rate of return to origin. An order is returned to origin after several failed attempts of delivery. 

How to automate real-time delivery notifications for customers?

For any business, it is not feasible to send manual delivery alerts. But using delivery management software can make this possible. The software can automate the entire end-to-end delivery management process and trigger regular notifications via Whatsapp, SMS, or email. You can get such software and forget the worries of managing deliveries manually. With delivery management software from a reliable company like Shipsy, you can have the following advantages-

  • Automated order management- order segregation and order allocation
  • Vehicle capacity utilization and auto assigning of orders to the right vehicle and driver
  • Digitized route optimization- considering parameters such as delivery location, delivery time, customer type, route history, and more. 
  • Real-time order tracking with delivery updates to customers as well as vendors
  • A dedicated driver application to help drivers manage trips and receive new requests      
  • Various options for customers to check accurate delivery ETAs, submit delivery-related feedback, reschedule deliveries, and communicate with riders.

What are you waiting for? Get Shipsy’s delivery management system and streamline every delivery without compromising with the delivery cost.


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