8 Ways Smart Courier Management Software in Singapore Can Boost Delivery Management 


8 Ways Smart Courier Management Software in Singapore Can Boost Delivery Management 

With 3.3 million online shoppers, a very crunching and time-consuming delivery orchestration across the high-rise and high-cost locations, and the latest trend of showrooming, Singapore is an ideal market for smart courier management software. With the rapid rise of eCommerce and the explosive growth of diverse delivery demands by customers, businesses are left wondering how to balance operational costs without killing the CX and violating the bottom lines. 

The last mile delivery space is fragmented, and eCommerce fulfillment is riddled with inefficiencies owing to high population density in high-rise societies and their continuous increase – ensuring highly cost and resource-efficient deliveries is a dire need. This is where AI-powered courier management software in Singapore emerges as the most reliable solution. 

Here, we discuss what intelligent courier management software offers, various ways it boosts delivery management, and the key considerations businesses should keep in mind while choosing one.

What Is an Intelligent Courier Management Software?

Intelligent courier management software comes with in-built AI/ML algorithms that streamline all the operations, communications, and stakeholder management via a centralized and intuitive dashboard. Businesses get access to highly automated workflows for riders and managers to orchestrate highly efficient courier deliveries. 

The software also comes with intelligent 3PL management and allocation routines, smart route planning and optimization capabilities, and real-time delivery tracking and automated alerts for excellent collaboration with multiple parties. Businesses can track, manage, monitor, plan, and control all the processes and people associated with delivery operations via a single dashboard and unlock highly strategic business decision-making via advanced analytics and reporting.

Thus, smart courier management software in Singapore can help businesses transform their operations, reduce their operational costs, and unlock highly efficient management across multiple stakeholders.

Courier Management Software in Singapore: 8 Ways It Can Boost Delivery Management 

Courier Management Software in Singapore - Benefits

#1 – Intelligent Logistics Automation

Sophisticated software for courier management automates critical functions throughout the first, middle, and last stages of logistics. These functions encompass the retrieval of orders, the creation of mid-route trips, the selection of vehicles, the allocation of tasks, and the collection of items from hubs. 

Automating these functions provides not only time and cost savings but also reduces reliance on human resources. Furthermore, it eradicates the possibility of errors in the processes and optimizes resource utilization.

#2 – 360-Degree Visibility 

Using smart courier management system in Singapore will enable businesses to have 360-degree visibility over all types of courier operations. Every stakeholder can check the real-time location and movement of the order as per the access rules, which can also be configured by the businesses themselves. 

They can check and control how every shipment is allocated to every carrier, rider, and 3PL partner and maintain a real-time view at all times. This not only ensures better customer engagement and improved CX, but it also helps businesses save costs incurred due to:

  • Fake delivery attempts
  • Inefficient route planning 
  • Driver deviating from system-generated routes, etc.

Thus, the businesses no longer need to manually call and confirm the shipment or order status as well.

#3 – Real-Time Tracking and Updates 

For businesses handling millions of orders every month, it is impractical and unwise to make individual calls or track each order separately. Additionally, customers expect service-oriented features like real-time delivery tracking, precise estimated time of arrivals, and transparency.

However, obtaining visibility into the real-time movement of shipments, parcels, and individual orders from their source to their destination is a major challenge without granular digitization. On the other hand, businesses using AI-powered courier management software in Singapore can track all the parcels, drivers, and vehicles in real-time. They can also get automated updates and alerts for key milestone events and share the same with the end customers via multichannel communication. This reduces costs and elevates CX as well.

#4 – AI-Powered Route Planning and Optimization

Advanced courier management software utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize delivery routes. These software solutions consider various constraints, including the number of stops, service times, real-time traffic and weather conditions, and historical route data when planning delivery routes. 

Additionally, the software offers dynamic route planning to adapt to any last-minute changes and generates a new delivery route while keeping all stakeholders informed of the updated estimated time of arrival.

#5 – Dynamic Optimization

While there are many options available for static route optimization and courier operations automation, these solutions crumble down when it comes to dynamic optimization as per the real-time events. Businesses are unable to generate different routes without losing trip optimization and efficiency in case the earlier route is water-logged has more traffic, or has been blocked by accident. 

A smart courier management software can overcome these challenges as they come with real-time data analysis for dynamic or on-the-go optimization. The riders are shown alternative routes during delivery trips, en route order clubbing, delivery re-scheduling, re-routing, and many more such things can be done without affecting the overall efficiency and productivity.

#6 – Secure and Flexible Cash Reconciliation for COD Orders

Managing cash reconciliation and driver payout can be challenging when it comes to COD orders. The absence of automated cash management and digital payment capabilities for COD orders reduces transaction transparency, increases the likelihood of fraud, and causes riders to travel empty miles to return to the warehouse for cash reconciliation and payout settlements.

Businesses using courier management software in Singapore can automate cash and rider payout management, invoicing, billings, claim settlements, and incentivization to improve work efficiency. Digital payment options for COD orders can also be provided, enabling rider payout settlements against the cash collected and decreasing cash risks and empty miles. They can also collect payments digitally across multiple digital platforms and payment processors for COD orders.

#7 – Improved Resource Utilization

With smart courier management software, businesses can access asset optimization routines that enhance various logistics components, such as vehicle capacity, vehicle and rider costs, and more. This results in reduced operational expenses, improved asset utilization, and increased efficiency.

Specific parameters can be set to select vehicles, riders, and fleets based on specific areas, orders, and other variables. Additionally, intelligent third-party logistics management routines can be utilized to improve overall supply chain efficiency. As a result, businesses can streamline their logistics operations, achieve significant cost savings, and ensure optimal performance.

#8 – Advanced Analytics and Reporting 

AI-powered courier management software offers data analytics and data visualizations by transforming complex data sets into visual representations. Thus, businesses can quickly detect trends, patterns, and outliers. These insights can then be used to make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and drive growth.

Advanced data analytics capabilities allow businesses to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time, providing valuable insights into their operations. These insights can be utilized to optimize delivery routes, improve warehouse management, and enhance customer service, among other critical areas. By utilizing the power of data analytics, businesses can gain a competitive edge and achieve their growth objectives.

How to Choose the Best Courier Management Software in Singapore?

As the CEP industry expands, so do the number of solutions and automation platforms. Therefore, selecting the perfect fit becomes increasingly difficult with each passing day. 

Although the business requirements of each CEP stakeholder or operator differ based on their operations and services, we share some of the essential features that a courier management system should have:

  • First mile automation such as soft data capture, automation of pickup requests, consignment scanning, origin hub allocation, driver allocation, real-time tracking, etc.
  • Intelligent bagging management  (sorting, adding seals and waybills, etc.) and automated label generation
  • Planning, monitoring, managing, and tracking the hub-to-hub movements
  • Automated trip creation, dynamic routing, real-time order tracking, maximum vehicle capacity utilization
  • Effortless customs clearance via digitized documentation and declarations
  • Streamlined stakeholder and communication management
  • ePoDs and COD management

Choose Shipsy – The Best Courier Management Software in Singapore

Shipsy is a smart platform for managing logistics and supply chains that provides a wide range of solutions for various logistics industries and use cases.

Its CEP orchestration platform is an end-to-end and highly accurate system based on advanced AI/ML algorithms and data analytics. We assist clients in maximizing their resources, assets, and time by automating and optimizing every aspect of a CEP order movement and unlock:

  • 45% reduction in customer onboarding time
  • Rapid digitization and scaling
  • 23% reduction in Last Mile delivery costs
  • 12% reduction in Mid Mile costs
  • 28% reduction in customer complaints

For more information or to get started with Shipsy’s intelligent courier management software in Singapore, please get in touch with our experts for a customized demo.


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