Which is the best grocery delivery management software?


Which is the best grocery delivery management software?

Consumers shifting to online platforms to meet their day-to-day needs has changed the way businesses used to operate. Now, it has become mandatory for every business to have an online presence to reach their potential customers. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has further boosted the trend of shopping everything, including groceries, online. Retailers like Instacart, Fresh Direct, BigBasket, Grofers, and more are witnessing an immense increase in the sales. 

However, making your online grocery business successful is not a child’s play. There are ample of factors that need to be taken into consideration to delight your customers. Grocery delivery management is the most important one among them. Yes, you read that correctly. Ensuring quick and safe deliveries is one of the biggest factors that can help you deliver an unmatched customer experience. With efficient grocery delivery management, you can also save big on the overall delivery cost.

But the real question is how to manage your grocery deliveries, especially when you have to serve hundreds of customers on a daily basis. And the answer to this question is by automating the delivery management process with grocery delivery software. Software for grocery delivery management streamlines delivery-related processes to make the grocery delivery providers facilitate same-day and next-day deliveries. 

Since there are plenty of grocery delivery management software providers, it is necessary to choose the one that not only meets your business requirements but also fits in your budget. Considering the latest trend in the industry, it is good to opt for SaaS-based software that can be easily customized and quickly deployed over the cloud.

Here are the features you should look to get the best grocery delivery management software for your business-

Auto bifurcation and allocation of goods

Groceries include different types of products with different storage and transportation needs. The software should have the auto segregation feature to save time and efforts of the professionals. Besides, it should also be able to allocate orders based on the delivery time window, delivery location, and other constraints. 

Scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs

The grocery delivery management software in India or any other region should auto schedule order pickup and delivery. It should have the feature to notify riders whenever the order is scheduled for pickup or delivery. 

Route planning and optimization

The software should have the digitized route planning feature to generate the most efficient delivery routes considering traffic congestions, road restrictions, delivery locations, number of orders, and other factors. 

Real-time tracking

The software should provide means to track every order in real-time. The feature should be for both the vendors and the end-customers. Live tracking can help in knowing the updated status of the order. 

Rider app

There should be a dedicated rider app to help your riders manage every trip efficiently. Moreover, the app will also help them to get notifications such as new order pickup, order cancellation, COD calculation, collecting digitized proof of delivery, and more. 

Check estimated time of delivery

Delivery ETA feature is for the end-customers. The software should have this feature so that the customers can check estimated delivery time with the tracking link sent to their mobile numbers. 

Delivery feedback

This is yet another feature for the customers to share their delivery experience.

Insights and analytics

To improve your delivery operations and other grocery-delivery processes, the software should have this feature. 

If you want grocery delivery management software with all the aforementioned features, then Shipsy is where you should head to. The leading SaaS-based software suite provider offers grocery delivery software to startups as well as enterprises. You can share your requirements with their professionals to customize the software as per your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your grocery delivery management processes and deliver an unmatched experience to your customers. 


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