Which Is the Best Logistics Software for Small Business in UAE?


Which Is the Best Logistics Software for Small Business in UAE?

Running a business in The United Arab Emirates and facing logistics-related challenges? 

We understand that it could directly impact your business profitability and success. Moreover, poor logistics operations can also become a hurdle in delivering complete customer satisfaction and maintaining complete transparency with your customers.

Traditional logistics systems can also lead to an increase in the overall logistics cost and time. 

Besides this, it also requires businesses to hire specialized professionals for managing various operations such as:

  • Managing new orders
  • Segregating them on the basis of various parameters
  • Mapping them to the right vehicle
  • Finding the right driver for the vehicle
  • Designing the route for every vehicle
  • Getting updates on the status of every order
  • Dealing with the customer queries
  • Managing COD remittance
  • Managing proof of deliveries

Now imagine how much it would cost you to hire dedicated professionals for all these tasks. The best solution to every logistics problem is to get logistics management software for small business in the UAE. On top of that, if you purchase a customized one, then it would help your business to get rid of every logistics problem permanently.

Now the question here is – Which is the best logistics software for small business in UAE?

To get the one for your business, read the information given in this article.

Best LMS Software in the United Arab Emirates

Since there are a plethora of logistics management software providers in the market, it is imperative to know the qualities based on which you can get the best logistics software for small business in UAE. 

Here, we discuss some of the features that you must look for.

Easy Integration With Your ERP

This means the logistics software should be easy to integrate with your existing ERP to look into new orders, manage the ones received by your system, and categorize them according to various constraints, such as delivery location, type or the nature of the goods, size of the order, and more. It should also have an automated system to choose the right vehicle and find the right driver for initiating the pick-up and then the delivery process.

The automation of these processes will not only remove the need for hiring specialized professionals for these tasks but can save huge time and effort. Furthermore, it would also help you to save big.

Automated Route Optimization With Dynamic Route Planning

Route planning and optimization can find efficient routes for ensuring on-time deliveries in the shortest time and least cost possible. The route planning software should not only have this but also provide dynamic route planning features. 

The feature comes into play when a customer cancels their order at the last moment or makes changes to the preferred delivery time slot or address. With dynamic route planning, drivers can get new routes immediately and prevent themselves from making a failed delivery attempt to a customer who has canceled their order.

Consignment Traceability in Real-Time

The software should provide businesses as well as the end-customers means to trace or track consignments in real-time. Doing this would keep the businesses as well as the customers updated with the current location of the order. Hence, they would not make calls to the support center to know the same.

A Dedicated Panel or App for the Drivers

Drivers are responsible for the timely delivery of the consignments; hence, they also need a panel to check the create and manage trips, look into new pickup requests, look into the delivery preferences of the customers, calculate COD remittance, collect and upload digitized proof of delivery, and manage other delivery-related operations.

Visibility for Your Customers

The software should provide your customers with complete visibility on their orders. It should be able to send an automated tracking link by clicking which customers can track the real-time status of their orders. This would help you to improve customer loyalty and build a strong reputation for your brand.

Where to Find the Best Logistics Management Software in the UAE?

To get the same, you can reach out to Shipsy, a SaaS-based logistics management software suite provider. The company helps businesses to upgrade their logistics and save cost, time, and efforts incurred in managing logistics. Get the logistics management software for small business in UAE and say goodbye to your logistics-related woes. 

Also, avail the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the overall logistics cost
  • Increase in the number of deliveries per day
  • Increase in the number of deliveries per vehicle
  • Decrease in the number of calls to the customer support center
  • Track every order in real-time

To get started with the logistics software for small business in UAE, please schedule a demo today!


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