Why Does Your Restaurant Need Food Delivery Software?


Why Does Your Restaurant Need Food Delivery Software?

According to Statista, the online food delivery segment revenue is expected to reach US$151,526m in 2021. The same report shows that the market’s largest segment is Platform-to-Consumer Delivery with a projected market volume of US$79,608m in 2021. Apart from this, the restaurant-to-consumer delivery segment is also growing at an unprecedented rate.

Food delivery is not a new concept; however, it has changed drastically over the past five years. Earlier, we used to order food telephonically; i.e., by contacting the restaurant. The advent of tech-enabled mobile applications and other online food delivery platforms have made it possible to order food with a few taps on our phone’s screen.

Besides, the aforementioned statistics validate that the food delivery business is going to flourish and thrive even more in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to update your online food delivery management processes. It is also mandatory to deliver a seamless and hassle-free food ordering experience to the customers looking for on-demand food delivery services.

Thankfully, updating your traditional food delivery system is not rocket science. There are a lot of food delivery management software that can make the complete delivery management process sheer and transparent. If you, too, run a restaurant or an online food delivery business, then this article will make you understand the significance of online food delivery management software.

Why do you need food delivery management software?

Food delivery software makes the complete delivery management process easier; besides, it renders ample benefits to the merchant, rider, and consumer. Check them out below-

For Merchants

Efficient order management

Such software has an in-built smart order allocation system, which automatically allocates the order to the available rider. While allocating the order, it takes into account factors like proximity, turnaround time, rider history, and more.

Real-time order tracking

Food delivery management software offers a dashboard where you can track every order and rider in real-time. Tracking of orders helps in avoiding problems like late deliveries and customer dissatisfaction.

Excellent customer experience

The software helps in making the online food delivery process efficient for the consumers, which improves customer experience.

Increased customer retention rate

Food delivery software powered by technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more can help in predicting customers’ favourite food items. The software can show preferred food items list to the consumer to make them order food quickly. Customer convenience increases the customer retention rate.

Minimized cost of food deliveries

With automated delivery management processes and efficient route optimization, you can increase the number of deliveries per vehicle. It helps to reduce the cost of food deliveries.

Timely deliveries

Transparent delivery processes and automation of delivery management process ensure timely dispatch and hence, on-time delivery of the order. It can also avoid challenges like missed food deliveries.

Performance monitoring

To improve delivery-related performance, the software helps vendors to monitor the number of deliveries, customer rating and reviews, and other details.

Insights and reports

Merchants can generate various insights and reports to identify areas of improvement and grow the food delivery business.

For Riders

Food delivery software includes a dedicated application for the drivers. With the app, you can give your delivery team the ease of managing orders and delivering them to the right place in the minimum time possible-

Efficient route optimization

The software optimizes delivery routes to ensure more orders can be delivered by one rider in the least time possible.

Instant notifications

The software sends an instant alert on the driver application whenever a new order is assigned or arrived.

Order status update

Drivers can also update their order status as failed or successful. The update syncs with the software and alerts the restaurant owner that the driver is available for the next delivery.

For End-Customers

Order tracking in real-time

Customers can check driver location in real-time through the tracking link sent by the software. They can also contact riders to enquire about the order. Providing such a facility to the customer increases customer satisfaction.

Real-time in-app chat

With this option, customers can contact your customer support team to raise a concern or for any other query.

If you want to upgrade your food delivery operations now, then feel free to connect Shipsy to get tailor-made food delivery software for your restaurant or online food delivery business.  


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