Why Has Last-Mile Delivery Tracking Become a Necessity for E-Commerce Businesses in the Middle East?


Why Has Last-Mile Delivery Tracking Become a Necessity for E-Commerce Businesses in the Middle East?

It is undeniable that the e-commerce industry is thriving at an unprecedented rate for the last few years. Now, this coronavirus pandemic has given shoppers another reason to prefer e-stores over brick and mortar stores. Like in other parts of the world, the e-commerce sector in the Middle East is also growing at an exponential rate. 

Keeping in view the current scenario and the need of running the business, even the retail stores are either moving to digital platforms or have started “home delivery” services. More than just “the need of the hour”, offering doorstep deliveries of apparel, groceries, electronics, medicine, and other items have now become “the matter of survival for businesses”. 

To meet the growing demands and expectations of customers, e-commerce companies in the Middle East are opting for every possible measure. 

Now, meeting the expectations of customers is not as challenging as ensuring that each of them receives their order on time. Why? 

Well, according to various online surveys, the biggest problem that most of the delivery agents in the UAE (either from the e-commerce companies or 3PL aggregators) find is to locate the right address. Another problem they find is to make the end-customer track their consignments. These two along with the other issues result in increasing the rate of RTO (return to origin). 

Some other common pain points include:

  • Delayed deliveries
  • Inability to track the order
  • No contact details of the delivery agent
  • No option for rescheduling the delivery time

When customers have to go through all such problems, what else we can expect from them. That’s when last-mile delivery (LMD) software comes to the rescue. 

Let’s read about the software in detail and explore the benefits of using the last-mile delivery tracking for e-commerce in Middle East. 

Key Features of Last-Mile Delivery Solution

The plethora of benefits last-mile software offers are the reasons why it deserves to be a part of every e-commerce business in the Middle East:

Features for Your Drivers

Pick up & manage new and existing orders- Based on the requests, drivers can pick up new orders from the hub or warehouses and process them for delivery.

Find the Exact Location of Customers

With the last-mile delivery driver app, drivers can see the exact location pinned by the customers. 

Upload Digitized Proof of Delivery

Drivers can upload digitized proof of delivery after successfully delivering the order to the destination.

Keeping a Record of COD Payments

They can keep a record of the cash received against the orders. 

Operate the App in Multiple Languages

They can operate the driver app either in Hindi, English, or Arabic language.

Features for Your End-Customers

Track Orders

End-customers can see the status of their orders in real-time. 

Contact Delivery Agents or Drivers

End-customers can see the details of the drivers and contact them. 

Reschedule Delivery

In case of non-availability, the end-customer can reschedule the delivery time. 

Pin Location

Customers can pin their exact location to help drivers find their location without any hassle.  

Make Online Payments

If the customer has selected the cash on delivery option but doesn’t have the cash at the time of the delivery, then they can request an online payment link. 

Share Feedback

Customers can share their delivery experience or raise a complaint if they see a “delivered status” for the order they haven’t received. 

Apart from these, contactless delivery is a major advantage of the last-mile delivery software. Customers can opt for this to ensure safety and avoid getting in touch with a delivery agent. The agent will collect and upload the POD by capturing a photo. 

How Does Last-Mile Software Work?

Last-mile or last-leg software is built using top technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here is how it works:

The driver receives a pickup request either from the e-commerce company or the 3PL. Now, they reach the designated hub/warehouse to get the product(s). After scanning the product, the driver looks into the app to know the most efficient route for the destination. 

The end-customer, tracking the status of the order in real-time, can pin the exact location by clicking the tracking link received on their registered mobile numbers. 

Following the pinned location, the driver reaches the destination and delivers the order.

The driver collects the proof of delivery and uploads it to the software. 

Every process remains transparent between both the individual and drivers, which in turn helps your business to achieve its ultimate goal, i.e., 100% customer satisfaction. 

Why Should E-Commerce Companies Integrate Last-Mile Software?

Next, we discuss the various reasons you need to use the last-mile software for your business.

On-Time Deliveries

Delivering your orders within a specific time is one of the significant aspects of a business that cannot be ignored at any cost. Using last-mile delivery tracking for e-commerce in Middle East will help you to achieve this objective with efficient route optimization and planning.  

Reduced Fuel Cost

LMS shows you the most efficient route for dropping a consignment at its designated address, which further helps in reducing a huge amount of fuel cost.

Increased Rate of First-Attempt Delivery

As the end-customers have the option to reschedule delivery (in case, if they are not available at the destination at the specified time), they can notify the drivers in advance when they have to deliver the consignment. This increases the chances for the first-attempt delivery. 

Reduced Rate of Return to Origin (RTO)

With the help of software, drivers will deliver orders at customers’ preferred time; hence, there will be no issues like “customer was unavailable at the time of delivery”. That’s because, after a few failed-delivery attempts, drivers proceed with the order for RTO. 

Complete Transparency 

By providing your end-customers complete visibility of their order, you can maintain full transparency with them. This will help your e-commerce business in the UAE to increase customer loyalty. 

Taking the First and the Right Step With Shipsy

So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with the leading provider of the last-mile delivery tracking for e-commerce in Middle East, Shipsy, and upgrade your last-mile delivery operations with customized LMD software today!

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your last-mile delivery operations with customized LMD software today!

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