How to Find the Best Transport Management Software in Oman?


How to Find the Best Transport Management Software in Oman?

The logistics industry in Oman is under a huge transformation as the government plans to energize land and water transportation. The policymakers aim at making Oman one of the top-ten logistics hubs by 2040.

Hence, if you belong to the logistics and supply chain sector, this is the time to invest in the right key enablers, such as transport management software in Oman.

Transport Management: A Cross-Industry Must-Have 

Be it manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, or any other business vertical, every business involves the transportation of goods from one place to another. Operational inefficiencies in transportation can lead to problems like late deliveries, high fuel costs, high vehicle maintenance costs, and poor customer service. 

You can overcome all these challenges merely by upgrading your system with reliable transport management software in Oman. Such an upgraded system will automate most of the transport operations, which will further improve operational efficiency while ensuring complete perfection in the processes. 

Now, in order to achieve this efficiency, you need answers to two crucial questions

  • What are some of the must-have features of transport management software?
  • How to ensure that you choose the best and the most relevant transport management software in Oman for your business?

Before we explain the must-have features of transportation management software for your business in Oman, let’s take a look at the different options you have. 

Types of Transport Management Software

You can either opt for on-premises transport software or SaaS-based transport management software

The on-premise software would be expensive and might take months or even years to get developed and deployed. 

However, the SaaS-based transport management software can be deployed and implemented in no time. 

If you are thinking that only on-premises software can fulfill your particular transportation-related needs, then you are absolutely wrong. You can also customize the SaaS-based software, which works in modular formats, which means you can choose the features you want to fix the specific challenges you are facing. 

Further, you can also leverage the inherent cost and resource-efficiency, and on-the-go functionalities of cloud computing.

Next, we discuss the must-have features in transport management software.

Choosing The Best Transport Management Software (TMS) in Oman: Must-Have Features 

Auto-Assigning of Orders 

Make sure the TMS you choose has a smart order management system that looks into incoming orders and assigns them automatically on the basis of type, weight, delivery location, delivery time, and other parameters. 

Also, it should have the option to look into available vehicles and third-party logistics partners to decide the medium of delivery. The software should also offer means of complete vehicle capacity utilization and generating the loading & unloading sequence. 

Route Optimization

Digitizing route optimization should also be a key feature of the transportation management software in Oman; given the state of the transportation in the localities and busy places. It would help to optimize delivery routes without any manual intervention. 

The main purpose of this feature is to ensure every order reaches the destination at a given time. Besides, it also makes sure that all the vehicles arrive back at the facility on time (so that they can be prepared for secondary trips). 

Efficient route optimization also minimizes vehicle maintenance costs by avoiding the idling of engines and traffic congestions. 

Order Tracking in Real-Time

Tracking both the drivers and consignments is necessary for having control over the transportation processes. TMS that offers this feature facilitates the vendor as well as end-customers to know the updated status of the order. 

A Dedicated App or Panel for the Riders

Riders also require a platform or panel to manage deliveries. TMS software with a dedicated driver app can be really helpful for the drivers. Therefore, you have to ensure that the Transport software you choose includes such an application or panel. 

With this app, drivers can check new pick-up requests, look into reverse pick-up requests, update delivery status, calculate cash on delivery payments, and manage other trip-related information. 

Options for the End-Customers 

The TMS should also provide options like rescheduling deliveries, checking delivery ETA, submitting delivery feedback, and other such features for the end-customers. This would help you to improve your delivery operations and achieve customer satisfaction. 

Challenges You Can Overcome With Transport Management Software in Oman

Investing in a smart, reliable, and robust TMS will offer a number of benefits, and help you solve many pressing challenges, such as:

  • Late deliveries
  • Inefficient route management 
  • High transportation cost
  • Poor customer experience 
  • Poor vehicle capacity utilization 

Make the Most of Your Efforts and Investments: Choose the Right TMS for Your Business

As important as it is to have transport management software, opting for the right functionalities and capabilities is also important for the best results.

Brainstorm with your team to identify the core pain points of your business and opt for a SaaS-based TMS that aligns with your business goals. 

At Shipsy, we offer highly robust and feature-rich transport management software with smart capabilities. We help you customize the solutions as per your business-unique requirements and use automation to optimize your business processes.

To know more, or to get started with a smart, intuitive, and personalized transport management software in Oman, please schedule a demo today!


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