How to Select the Best Logistics Software in Oman?


How to Select the Best Logistics Software in Oman?

The logistics and transportation industry that contributes to around 5% of the GDP of Oman is growing at an unprecedented rate. The government of Oman has invested heavily to create world-class infrastructure and economic zones, airports, roads, warehouses to make the country one of the top logistics hubs by 2040. 

At present, many businesses, including logistics companies in Oman, are facing difficulties in running their logistics operations. The main challenges include government regulations, high transportation costs, and problems with workforce management.

Logistics automation is one of the most effective solutions to these problems. 

What Is a Logistics Software?

It is a software program developed especially for the management and streamlining of logistics operations and processes across all the verticals. These software solutions allow you to manage all the aspects of your logistics setup, such as inventory, packaging, material handling, transportation, tracking, agent management, etc.

You can schedule the shipping, mailing, and track your shipments, agents, carriers, etc. in real-time.

However, finding the best logistics software in Oman is still a challenge in itself. 

And, if you, too, are facing difficulty in finding the right logistics management software for your business then this article is for you. 

We share the must-have features that you must look for while selecting logistics software. We also discuss how these features help you overcome the logistics pain points, and ultimately improve operational efficiency.

So, whether you need logistics software in Oman or any other part of the world, take a quick look at the features that make the software a great and perfect pick!

Best Logistics Software: Key Features to Look out for 

Simple Integration

The software should be simple to integrate with your current order management system or ERP system. This will not only save time but also the cost of hiring specialized professionals for the task. 

Quick Deployment 

Make sure the deployment of the software doesn’t take too long. To get such software, you can look for cloud-based solutions that can be deployed in a short period of time. 

Smart Order Management System

Managing large volumes of orders manually is a daunting task that requires huge manpower and time. Make sure the logistics software you find has an intelligent order management system to automate the task of order segregation and order allocation to the right vehicle and driver. 

AWB Generation and Label Printing

Generating airway bills and printing labels for the packing requires undivided attention and utmost precision. Nothing and no one could beat the speed and accuracy of a logistics software doing this task. 

Digitized Route Planning and Optimization

Planning delivery routes manually, considering multiple factors like delivery location, road restrictions, weather conditions, etc., is not possible. Logistics software with the automated route optimization feature can help in making this feasible. 

Consignment Tracking in Real-Time

Real-time consignment tracking is one of the main features that logistics management software should possess. The feature helps both the vendor and end-customer to know the updated status of the order. Also, it helps in minimizing the number of calls to the customer support center (as the customer has visibility over the order status).

Rider Application

A multi-language rider application should also be a part of the logistics management system in Oman. The app can help riders to manage every order efficiently and deliver it timely. 

Also, the rider can look into new pick-up requests and get instant updates on order cancellations or changes in delivery address or time. This is one of the must-have features if you are looking for logistics software in Oman.

Contactless Delivery

Right after the pandemic hit the world, contactless delivery has become a new norm for order deliveries. Make sure the logistics software provides provisions for the same with features like digitized proof of delivery and online payment request (for the COD orders) at the time of the delivery. 

COD Payment Calculation

Logistics management software in Oman with this feature can help the riders to calculate their cash on delivery payments and update every transaction instantly in their app. The vendor or the logistics company can also check the same on their operational dashboard. 

Check Delivery ETA

Consumers these days want complete visibility on their orders. Also, they want to know when the order will be delivered. Providing them the option to check delivery ETA would serve this purpose and also bring customer satisfaction. 

Reschedule Deliveries

With this option, consumers can change the time and address for the delivery. The rider will also get a notification for the same. The option helps in reducing driving hours and efforts.

Get Started With the Best Logistics Software

While the logistics software offers a wide range of benefits and you can find many high-end logistics software in Oman, it is important to choose the right one. 

Opt for software that caters specifically to your business needs and evolves along with them. Check whether the software will be relevant when you need to expand in the future and whether it comes with appropriate security features or not.

However, it is hard to confirm these things, especially when you are a beginner. Hence, we recommend joining hands with the leading SaaS-based logistics software provider – Shipsy.

We offer highly customizable and smart logistics solutions for all your needs, now, and in the future. To get started, please schedule a demo today!


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