What features to look for in the best logistics management software in the USA?


Created on February 3, 2021

The United States of America economy is the largest in the whole world; more than 500 unicorn companies have their headquarters in the country. It would be no wrong to say that the USA provides ample opportunities to businesses to grow and thrive. Just like any other place, e-commerce businesses in the USA are also booming at an unprecedented rate. This has created the need for the SMEs and MSMEs to upgrade their business processes, mainly logistics and transportation, to meet the growing delivery-related demands of the customers. 

However, there are many businesses in America that are still struggling to manage their logistics operations to overcome the following challenges:

  • Delayed deliveries
  • Locating the exact location
  • Ensuring first-attempt delivery
  • Tracking consignments in real-time 
  • Providing delivery ETAs to the customers  
  • Lowering down the operating costs
  • Minimizing dependency on human professionals

Easy integration with ERP/SAP systems 

The logistics management software you are planning to purchase should be easy to integrate with your ERP/SAP system. On top of that, it should be deployed quickly so that it doesn’t take much toll on your operational costs. Therefore, SaaS-based logistics software is exactly what you should choose, if you are looking for instant deployment.

Smart order allocation 

Managing 10-20 orders a day is feasible, but if your e-commerce company is receiving hundreds of orders, then it is not an easy task to manage them all manually. To understand this situation, consider the example of Amazon. What would you think how the company manages their logistics and transportation? Smart order allocation feature automates the entire order segregation and allocation process to minimize the dependency on human professionals and complete the process in less time. 

To segregate orders, smart order allocation takes into account factors such as delivery type, delivery location, type of goods, size and volume of the goods, and others. 

It then finds out the right vehicle and assigns a suitable driver for initiating the product pick up and delivery process. 

Real-time tracking 

For logistics management software, offering real-time tracking is crucial. The feature should not only for the vendors, but also for the end-customers. Using this feature, both can track the order in real time to know the updated status. 

Moreover, it would also reduce the number of customer calls to the support center. 

Dedicated app for the riders

Logistics management software should also have a dedicated application for the riders. Using the app, drivers can manage trips and look into delivery-related preference of the customers. Also, they can get instant alerts whenever a customer either cancels the order at the last moment or reschedules the time or address of delivery.

End-customer visibility 

The feature should be there in your logistics management software to allow customers to check the delivery ETA, request for an online payment link, reschedule delivery, and share delivery feedback. Moreover, it would also provide them the option to raise a complaint for an order that is showing as delivered but hasn’t been delivered due to any problem.

Which is the best logistics management software in the USA?

(Please note that the best logistics management software is the one that can be tailored to your specific needs. However, there are some features that are a must-have for every LMS software. The article covers all of them.)

If you are looking out for such logistics software that can be quickly deployed to your ERP/SAP systems, then go for Shipsy’s SaaS-based logistics management software. It can be customized as per your particular business needs and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. To get the same, all you have to do is to provide your requirements to Shipsy’s team and they will customize the software accordingly. Once customized the software will be deployed to you within a few hours. 

So why wait when you can get the LMS software in the USA right away and get rid of all your logistics challenges permanently. 


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