Which Is the Best Logistics Management Software in Egypt?


Which Is the Best Logistics Management Software in Egypt?

Logistics Management Software in Egypt – With e-commerce, manufacturing, and other companies paying attention to improving their business logistics operations with automation, the demand for logistics software in Egypt has been increasing significantly. 

Another reason for this transformation is the boom in the e-commerce industry, mainly after the pandemic. Now most of the companies, especially the ones that have shifted to online platforms during COVID-19, have started to look for digital solutions for their business logistics management. 

However, getting the right logistics software for your business is not child’s play. You have to consider a lot of factors to decide which is the best software among all. And we are here to help you in selecting the best logistics software in Egypt. 

How to Choose the Best Logistics Software in Egypt?

To get the one for your manufacturing, e-commerce, FMCG, courier & parcel delivery, or any other business, all you have to do is to check out the below-mentioned features- 

Customization Is a Must 

Don’t settle with logistics software that claims to be suitable for all business types. It is clear that every business has different requirements and for that, there should be software, which fulfills your particular set of requirements. In short, pick the LMS that can be easy to customize. 

Quick and Hassle-Free Integration 

Integration of software takes a considerable amount of time and effort; therefore, look for the one that can have ready APIs and plugins for Shopify, Magento, and other platforms. 

This would accelerate the process of integration, and you would be able to streamline your logistics processes quickly. 

End-to-End Logistics Management

Choose the software that offers comprehensive logistics management, including first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile operations. It should automate order management, rider management, route optimization, and order tracking processes to help you save big on costs. 

Automated Route Optimization

Designing delivery routes is a cumbersome task as it involves considering multiple factors like delivery location, multiple stops, delivery vehicles, traffic and weather conditions, customers’ delivery preferences, and more. 

Therefore, choose logistics software with the automated route optimization feature to save your time and cost of hiring professionals for this job. 

Real-Time Order Tracking 

This should be one of the integral features of logistics software. With the help of this feature, you and your customers would be able to get the updated status of the order, which would not only help you avoid delivery delays but also delight your customers. 

Moreover, it would also contribute to reducing the number of calls to your customer service team. Don’t forget to check on this feature in the software. 

A Dedicated Application for the Riders

Riders do need an app to manage their trips, check out new pick-up requests, or communicate with the customers to get additional information about their addresses. 

Also, it would help them to deliver orders in a contactless manner by collecting digitized proof of delivery and managing their COD payments. A logistics management software with such an app would be helpful to serve this purpose. 

Check Delivery ETA

The software should send a tracking link to end customers so that they can check ETA for the delivery. Also, they can reschedule the time/address for the delivery and share their delivery experience. All these features would help to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Choosing the Best Logistics Management Software in Egypt: Getting Started

Shipsy, a reliable software suite provider, offers all these along with other additional features in its logistics software. Their software is SaaS-based, which means it can be quickly deployed over the cloud. 

Also, it comes up with ready APIs and plugins to facilitate easy integration with different e-commerce platforms. Their logistics management software for Egypt is also easy to customize as per any particular business needs. 

To get started, please get in touch with our team or schedule a demo today!


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