Home Delivery World Europe 2022: Explore How Europe’s Retail Champions are Driving Delivery Excellence with Shipsy

June 22 - 23, 2022

RAI Amsterdam

Booth #C30

Intensifying cross-border logistics operations, evolving eCommerce delivery expectations, stringent SLA and the need to reduce last-mile delivery costs will drive retailers, manufacturers, and grocers to leverage advanced and intelligent logistics management tools.

At this year's Home Delivery World Europe, we will feature success stories and tech-powered best practices from our customer success journals to help logistics stakeholders navigate the challenges weighing down eCommerce and retail supply chains.

Drop by to say "hello" to us at Shipsy's Booth C-30. Our industry experts would love to discuss and quickly address your unique logistics challenges and will be happy to share how you can ensure:

  • 64% increase in customer satisfaction

  • 24% increase in on-time deliveries

  • 77% lesser steps in the last mile delivery process

  • 45% AI-driven reduction in order allocation time

We have some cool goodies in store for you, do visit us.

At the conference, Vohuman Bardi, our Head of Business Growth, will also be speaking about how enterprises are leveraging AI-based logistics solutions to make delivery operations agile, cost-efficient and customer-centric.

Here’s who you will meet at the booth


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Digitize Supply Chain Operations With Our Intelligent Platform

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