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sustainable deliveries

April 27, 2022 | By

Making 10-minute Deliveries Sustainable: Breaking Myth With Math

A single mother gets baby food delivered to her home instantly, as she leaves the toddler in the care of her mother to rejoin the office. A manager just ordered a pack of chocolates to celebrate the f...

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April 27, 2022 | By

Achieving Efficiency with Logistics Management System

The efficiency of supply chain and logistics management systems (LMS) can make or break a business. A small challenge can trigger a wildfire of inefficiencies. Most recently, the global supply chain h...

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May 04, 2022 | By

Building a Trusted Global Supply Chain Network Using Blockchain

The modern-day consumer is done with the old-fashioned modus operandi of supply chain management and the red-tapism over parcel movements. They expect better experiences concerning speed, visibility, ...

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April 2022 | By

Shipsy Empowers Logistics-Powered Businesses With End-to-End Shipment Execution

The following coverage appeared in the April 2022/Issue 102 of The Integrator Shipsy, a SaaS-based smart logistics management platform provider, offers delivery services for Pizza Hut, KFC, Amazo...

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Can Free Delivery Ever Help Ecommerce Businesses With Profitability?

‘Free shipping, no minimum cart value’ It’s a brilliant one-liner to catch the attention. Free shipping has always been an attractive selling point for customers. But the failsafe marke...

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