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February 09, 2023 | By

Six Supply Chain Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

The following coverage also appeared in the print version of Business World daily (Philippines) Vol: XXXVI, page 4, on Thursday, February 09, 2023 TECHNOLOGY and internet proliferation have made e-co...

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February 2023 | By

Eight Technology and Supply Chain Trends to Expect in 2023

The following coverage appeared on pages 44-45 and 46 of the February 2023 edition of the magazine Global Supply Chain ME. Middle Eastern countries have seen great developments in recent times, f...

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February 18, 2023 | By

Change on Horizon as AI Spreads Through Logistics Sector

 With shipping and delivery costs high, companies such as Shipsy are exploring how new artificial intelligence technologies can help reduce costs across the logistics sector. Shipsy CEO and co-foun...

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February 21, 2023 | By

How AI will Deliver Never-before-seen Logistics Efficiencies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is empowering businesses to deliver never-before-seen logistics efficiencies. It’s helping a leading 10-minute grocery provider to scale its on-demand delivery businesse...

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February 24, 2023 | By

Freight Management Solution: Three Factors to Consider

Prolonged global supply chain disruptions, underdeveloped transportation infrastructure, and slow bureaucratic processes continue to weigh heavy on the Malaysian freight and logistics players. But the...

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February, 2023 | By

Smarter, Faster, Better: The Promise of AI in Logistics

The following coverage appeared in Business Technology Review, a monthly supplement magazine of Khaleej Times.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling a 20-minute convenience delivery star...

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February 2023 | By

Leveraging a Do-it-Yourself Dashboard

The following coverage appeared on page 46 in Enterprise Channels MEA, Vol 10, Issue 07, February 2023 edition. AI enables businesses to become future-ready. It helps with capacity planning for futur...

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March 01, 2023 | By

Business Leaders Celebrate the Founding Day of the Kingdom and Share Their Optimism for the Future

February 22 marks a pivotal occasion in the history of the Kingdom, which is the 296th anniversary of the founding of the first Saudi state, which was founded by Imam Muhammad bin Saud - may God have ...

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March 1, 2023 | By

Shipsy’s Pivotal Role In Making Logistics Cost-Efficient, Productive, and Delightful for Everyone

Briefly tell us about Shipsy’s inception and growth so far. Shipsy started in the year 2015 to solve last-mile logistics challenges. We soon realized it was like a drop in the ocean as multiple o...

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March 13, 2023 | By

Shipsy signs MoU with Monsha’at

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Shipsy, a leading global SaaS-based logistics management platform provider, announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Monsha'at, the Small a...

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